There was plenty of razzle dazzle on stage on Friday 15 December when the Nature Trails Nursery and Crescent Reception children performed their nativity, A Miracle In Town, to a large audience of excited parents, grandparents and friends.

The performance told the traditional nativity story of the journey to Bethlehem, the search for a room at the inn, the birth of the baby Jesus and the visits by the Shepherds and Wise Men. For the nativity the children were transformed into a multitude of angels, shepherds, innkeepers and animals who, together with Mary, Joseph and the donkey, created a marvellously festive scene.

Ably supported by narrators, Head Girl, Olivia Sarkies, and Head Boy, Christopher Gibson, the simple story was told beautifully with each child carefully enunciating their individual lines. Together our most junior children sang delightfully crowd-pleasing tunes such as Little grey donkey, Down in the stable, Such a perfect moment and There's a razzle and a dazzle.

A lot of hard work had gone into the rehearsals, learning the songs, memorising lines, sourcing costumes, scenery and planning the production and what a spectacle it was.

Reception Teacher, Mrs Claire Pullen commented, "The performance went very, very well indeed. We are so proud of all our children, it was wonderful to see how much they had gained in confidence and how much they enjoyed being together on stage, they were amazing!”