Crescent School's Summer Concert took place on Thursday 5 July. It was well attended with the school hall packed with parents and family members eager to enjoy the end of term celebration of fine music and song.

As always the school orchestra opened the concert performing two pieces confidently. The audience very much enjoyed ‘Cotton Mill Blues’ and ‘Fidgety Feet’ both by Terry Kenny. Then came the first many instrumental solos with Sophie Causer’s rendition of ‘Easy Tiger’ by Pamela Wedgwood played beautifully on trumpet.

Brass Group were up next with two lively toe-tapping pieces 'The Muppet Show' and 'Five Hundred Miles', both arranged by peripatetic teacher, Di Fisher and hot on their heels were Mini Brass who this time captivated us all with ‘Twinkle Twinkle March’ also arranged by Di Fisher. Next in the programme came Clara Woolf on cornet with a fabulous hum-a-long performance of the 'Theme from the Pink Panther’ by Henry Mancini and Samuel Lau on violin who skilfully played ‘Romantic Piece’ by Dvorak.

The concert continued with the Flute Group who delightedly played two pieces by M Orriss ‘A Muster of Peacocks’ and ‘A Parliament of Owls’ and Olivia Sarkies who stayed on stage to perform a flute solo of ‘Birk’s Works’ by Dizzy Gillespie. Everyone then enjoyed Recorder Group’s haunting performance of the traditional ‘Skye Boat Song’ and Gabriel White’s skilful playing of ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus.

The audience were impressed by Classes III and IV who next took to the stage to give a super space inspired performance of three pieces by Mary Green and Julie Stanley, ‘The Planets’, ‘Poor Little Pluto' and ‘Gravity’. Christopher Gibson was next with a recorder solo of ‘Fish and Chips’ by Alan Bullard and then we had the wonderful Wacky Music with their amazing and colourful instruments, especially the boomwhackers, who noisily played 'Wacky Saints', much to the enjoyment of the audience.

The concert continued with Oliver Bell skilfully playing his trumpet solo, 'Prelude' by Charpentier. Class VI beautifully and appropriately sang ‘Gonna Fly Now’ by Alfred. They were followed by Robyn Shaw and Ella Knight whose super performance of Anderson and Ulvaeus’ moving ‘Slipping through my Fingers’ had us all on the brink of tears.

The concert concluded with a rousing performance by the Choir. Pupils sang four pieces all by Mark and Helen Johnson, ‘Taking my Time’, ‘The Losing Things Song’, ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ and ‘Leavers’ Song’.

It was another outstanding afternoon of music and song. Our enormous thanks and congratulations go to all Crescent School's accomplished performers who took to the stage in front of their proud parents, and of course to all their teachers and Director of Music, Julie Barnes who have helped them achieve so much.