Arguably one of the best defenders in the Superleague, Wasps Netballer Samantha May visited the Crescent School on Tuesday 3 July to run a special coaching session for Crescent’s Year 3-6 girls.

Back in March the girls had visited the Ricoh Arena to watch Wasps defeat the Celtic Dragons in a Superleague match. They had been mesmerised by the speed of the match-play and then after the match the girls had really enjoyed going court-side to meet the players. Games Teacher, Mrs Rachel McCollin had organised this follow up training session to capitalise on the girls’ fascination with the professional Superleague sport and as a reward for their commitment and dedication to netball over the year.

Australian Samantha, who plays in Goal Defence/Wing Defence, began the intensive coaching session with a warm up game of cat-and-mouse that encouraged the girls to be quick on their feet. She then moved on to a series of netball drills that tested the girls’ physical skills as well as their ability to think tactically. They practised attacking, stealing the ball and passing fluidly and accurately. She encouraged them to stay focused and look for quick clear shots and, in the baking summer sunshine, the 32 girls, who all have a keen interest in the sport, learnt about the importance of timing and good communication.

Mrs McCollin said, “We are very grateful to Samantha for coming to visit us, the girls have really enjoyed the training session and will have gained valuable experience from their time with a professional player. Wasps play in the Superleague Final this weekend and we will all be cheering them on.”