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Year 6 Enjoy Foundation Music Workshop

22 Nov

On Tuesday 16 November, Year 6 visited Crackley Hall School for a fantastic, full day of uplifting and inspiring music. 

The pupils from both schools worked together under the guidance of Directors of Music, Susan Olden and Julie Barnes, rehearsing, performing, and improvising a mix of vocal and orchestra pieces.

Mrs Olden and Mrs Barnes both agreed that the joint musical initiative had been another very successful day, remarking that, “It is so good to work together, everyone really enjoys themselves, it’s always one of the highlights of the term.”

In the morning, pupils worked on vocal pieces that included the traditional Monday’s Child, that they enjoyed singing alongside professional singing teacher, soprano, Shoshana Stokes. They also had great fun singing Abba’s upbeat Money Money Money with its catchy refrain.

In the afternoon, the pupils worked with their instruments, improvising to Hans Zimmer’s Earth, working together to develop their own stirring and emotive piece. The two orchestras co-operating and complementing each other to deliver an electrifying performance.

Julie Barnes, Director of Music at the Crescent School, continued, “Both schools have such a strong musical tradition, and the children really rise to the occasion, it is great to go over and work together.”

Susan Olden, Director of Music at Crackley Hall, added, “There is real talent within our schools and our music workshops always inspire our pupils.”

The Junior Schools Music Workshops are just one of the many performance opportunities that pupils at the schools take part in.

To listen to the children singing Monday’s Child please click here.