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Crescent School Remembers Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

22 Sep

Following the sad news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it has been a week of mourning for us all. The news has affected both staff and pupils across the whole school community and we wanted to provide time and space for the children to reflect and respond to the events and to share their thoughts and feelings.

Across the school, children and staff have come together to complete activities to reflect on Her Majesty’s life and legacy and to give thanks for her devoted service to our nation. Children in the Upper School have explored the Queen’s life in their History lessons. Some created thank you cards while others completed response tasks, helping to give them an insight into her life of duty. The younger children coloured pictures of flowers and symbols and the royal family has featured in their phonics lessons.

In the corridor Mrs Symons and Mrs Stapleton have displayed the children’s work along a timeline of her life, creating a beautiful board of remembrance. Central to that board is a particularly poignant letter, that the school received just last week, from the Palace, on behalf of Her Majesty, thanking the children for their wonderful Platinum Jubilee messages.

We have all been impressed with how the children have responded this week as we have explored their place in history.

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