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Friends of Crescent (FoC)

The FoC committee comprises of parent and grandparent volunteers from each school year and representatives from the teaching staff. We meet every half term to discuss our planned events and initiatives for the school. Anyone is welcome to join us with your child being able to attend after school free during this time.
We organise social and fundraising events for both children and parents. Funds raised go towards items used by the whole school. We also run ‘Market Day’ cake/sweet sales for each school year, with funds raised spent on items the children choose.
Finally, we offer an opportunity to purchase second hand uniform at very reduced prices.

The FoC organise events and activities such as:

  • Children’s Film Nights
  • Adult Quiz Nights
  • Christmas cards and crafts
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Adult Christmas Party
  • Mother’s Day crafts
  • Father’s Day crafts
  • Filming all the school
  • Productions e.g. Nativity
  • Plays e.g. Year 6 production
  • Children’s Disco
  • Summer Fête
  • Market Days for every year
  • Sponsored events in aid of the School chosen charity

Further details of all our planned events can be found at: www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofcrescent