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Olympic Themed Bake Off Is An Award Winning Treat

20 May

Year 6 pupils at the Crescent School took part in a special DT Challenge when they channelled their inner Mary Berry and went all out to win the school’s Olympic Bake Off. 

Their challenge this year, to design, bake and decorate a Victoria Sponge cake to mark the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Pupils worked in teams and began by carefully designing their cakes. Mrs Johnson then provided all the ingredients, and, on Thursday, Year 6 got busy baking. Friday morning was all about the decoration and the youngsters spent period 2 excitedly creating their stunning designs, we had swimming pools, velodromes, medals and all sorts of fabulous creations!

Judging all the cakes were Mrs Johnson, Mrs Miliopoulos and Mrs Stephenson, who happily took on the hard work of tasting them all. In addition to the texture and taste of the sponge they considered, the creativity of the decoration, the skill shown decorating and how the teams had worked together.

After much deliberation the results were: in first place overall and earning themselves a full JdV  were Grace, Shayla and Alex; awarded JdV mastery for their teamwork were Hattie, Emily and Maisie; receiving a JdV mastery for taste were Remi, Alex and Shiv and earning a JdV practice for their decorating skill were Sofie and Roisin. A really big well done to everyone though, as it was a very close decision.

Mrs Johnson, said, “Our bakers were just incredible, the effort and creativity put into making their cakes has been amazing. Well done everyone.”