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Pirates Versus Mermaids Was A Real Treasure Chest

21 Mar

Year 2 delivered a swashbuckling performance on Wednesday morning for their Lent Term production, Pirates Versus Mermaids.

A lot of hard work had gone into the rehearsals, learning the songs, memorising lines, sorting out costumes, scenery and planning the production, and what a wonderful adventure it proved to be.

It told the story of trainee pirate, Captain Scarypants, and his crew, and the small problem that none of them can swim. Of course, the answer lies with the mermaids, but the pirates do not like the mermaids and the mermaids do not like the pirates. What unfolded provided lots of laughter as they all learnt to get along.

The production was fabulous and showcasing the talents, confidence and stage presence of Crescent School's young pupils. We hope you all enjoyed the show!