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Years 5 And 6 LAMDA Showcase

15 Jan

On Monday 15 January, pupils from Years 5 and 6 enjoyed showcasing their fabulous performance skills. 

Pupils have been preparing for their upcoming LAMDA exams and their LAMDA Showcase was a fantastic opportunity for them to share their much practised and perfected poetry and prose.  Pupils in Year 5 will be taking Entry level exams, while those in Year 6 will take Grade 1 or Grade 3.

In their Drama lessons, pupils have been building confidence, developing character, learning how to project and developing the use of gestures, emphasis and emotion. In the Showcase, they relished performing to an audience, rising to the occasion in style, and the watching parents were all amazed by the children's ability and confidence.

Drama teacher, Miss Bowdige was extremely proud of everyone who took part and would like to thank all the children, staff and parents for their hard work and dedication.

Well done to everyone and good luck in your LAMDA exams!