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Charlotte's Story

Year 3 Pupil

25 Feb

I really like the lessons here at Crescent School as I like learning and finding out about new stuff.  Maths is always good fun as I enjoy adding, subtracting, timesing and dividing.

I think all of the teachers here are good, you have different teachers each year but you also have different teachers for different subjects. 

I am in Year 3 now, and in Red House, and I have an older brother who is in Year 5.

I am really good at music.  In Year 2 I was in Mini-Brass and I now play in Brass Group, Orchestra and I sing in the school choir.  I also do Whacky Music, which is a club where we have fun making music with big boomwhackers and other instruments.

Being at school is good fun because you get to be with all your friends, when we have break we like  to spend a lot of time talking.

Do you enjoy reading?

I do enjoy reading and my favourite books are the Harry Potter stories.  I really like Hermione because she is quite bossy.

Do you play sport?

I play hockey, netball and football.  I like hockey and I have played in a hockey matches for the school team at different schools.

Have you been on any good school trips?

In Year 2 we went to Warwick Castle, we had a tour and it was really interesting.

Do you play any instruments?

I play the trombone and I have passed my Grade 1, I am now working towards Grade 2.

Have you been in any plays at school?

Last year we did at nativity called Lights, Camel, Action and I played the donkey.  I had lots of funny lines to say.

What do you like best about school?

The best thing about school is the after school clubs as it is a really nice way to end your day.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be famous but I will see what suits me.



  • I really like the lessons here at Crescent School as I like learning and finding out about new stuff.