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James' story

Year 5 Pupil

04 Mar

I started at Crescent in Year 4, my younger brother started in reception at the same time and my older sister is at Princethorpe College.   When I first started my teacher was Mrs Monteith and she really helped me to progress in my English and Maths. 

I am now in Year 5 and I love school.  I like all the different subjects we are taught but I especially like Maths as I like solving hard questions and problems. It took a lot of hard work but I am now a Junior da Vinci student in Maths and I was part of the Crescent team that entered the Wrekin Year 5 Maths Challenge. I also enjoy Geography with Mr Thackway because we learn about the world and nature.

I play football, tag rugby, hockey and cricket and I am proud to have represented the school.  I love lunchtime football club with Mr Phillips, as I like practising the skills and then playing a mini-match.

I really enjoy coming to Crescent school and if I were the Headteacher I wouldn’t change anything.

Who is your favourite story book character?

I love reading and every month I try to read 3-4 books, I like the Alex Rider series, they are really adventurous and he gets into all sorts of trouble.

What do you like best about school?

I kind of like it all, but maybe the computers, or the classrooms, or all the different subjects.

What is your favourite school dinner?

Sausages are the best and it is always good when we have them.

Have you been in any school plays?

Last year in drama with Miss Thompson the Year 3s and 4s performed well known fables.  I was one of the children in The Selfish Giant.  It was hard learning the lines and I was really pleased that I said them correctly. This year Miss Thompson has asked me to play Jesus in the Easter play, I am really looking forward to the performance.

What languages do you learn?

We study French in Year 5, I like trying to speak it and also trying new foods when we go and visit France.

Have you been on any school trips?

Last year we went on a residential to Rock UK and it was totally amazing.  We have also visited the theatre, before Christmas we saw The Worst Witch, it was very exciting, the way the scenes were set out made it really gripping.  I enjoyed how they portrayed the story.

  • When I first started my teacher was Mrs Monteith and she really helped me to progress in my English and Maths.