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Class I 100 Day Party Celebrates Place Value Skills

01 Mar

Year 1 have been studying place value and marking the passage of the school year on their classroom chart. Knowing your ones from your tens takes plenty of practise but the children have all worked very hard. So on Thursday 28 February, 100 days since the start of the school year, it was time to celebrate their perfected place value skills with a special 100 days party.

The morning was spent preparing, making party hats and party food and getting the classroom ready. Then in the afternoon the children got on with the serious business of having fun. There were plenty of traditional party games including pass the parcel, under and over and musical bumps. Of course Mrs Emery couldn’t resist including the odd mathematical challenge in between rounds but with their newly acquired skills the children answered the questions with ease. After all the games were finished it was time to sit down and share some party food before finally getting together for a party photo.

Year 1 teacher, Mrs Emery, said, “What a lot of fun we have all had today and what amazing mathematical skills the children are developing. Our 100 day party was the perfect way to celebrate, and reinforce, our developing place value skills.”

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