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A Warm Welcome To Our New Reception Class

16 Sep

It has been a fantastic first few weeks at Crescent School for our brand new Reception class.

They have been making friends, playing outside, sitting down for lunch together, getting changed for PE, hanging up their blazers on the right peg and of course – enjoying plenty of fabulous new lessons. Already the seven boys and ten girls in this class of bubbly, bright youngsters are becoming familiar with their daily routine and whilst it might be tiring at first, it is clearly so much fun.

Under the ever-present care of Mrs Pullen and Mrs Noyce, the girls and boys have settled in well and have happy smiles on their faces. What an exciting adventure they have ahead of them over the next few years.

This week they had yet one more momentous event – their first class photo – and don’t they all look adorable in their new uniform, and how well they all behaved as we mustered the class. They are a perfect addition to our wonderful school community.

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