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Exhibition of Young Local Artists’

23 Jan

Crescent's young artists will take part in local exhibition.

The ‘Exhibition of Young Local Artists’, which is hosted by Warwick School, was established in 1985. Over the years the exhibition has grown and last year 28 schools took part.

The event brings local primary schools together to celebrate art and showcase young talent. The array and diversity of the pieces exhibited is phenomenal, from ‘Abstract Portrait’ to ‘Quarters’; ‘Felted Poppy Fields’ to ‘Skateboard Deck Designs’.

The following children have been selected to represent Crescent School in this year’s exhibition.

For their pieces of Pop Art:

  • Chloe Wensley
  • Harriett Gray
  • Kyla-Mae Milestone
  • Sam Sheffield
  • Maryn Yates

For their Seurat inspired creations:

  • Bella Davies
  • Chloe Brosnan
  • Zahra Nadeem

For their Silhouette work:

  • Darius Ionescu
  • Leela Matharu

Very well done to all.