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Year 6 Rise To Mr Hester’s STEAM Challenge

14 Feb

Year 6 welcomed a special visitor on Thursday 13 February when Foundation Head, Ed Hester, visited the Crescent School to set them all a special STEAM Challenge.

Mr Hester began by stressing the importance of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) subjects to the modern world. He shared with the children how they run through all our lives and how, as pupils of the Foundation, they could embrace STEAM to forge their own futures.

Mr Hester invited the children to test their STEAM knowledge. Working in groups he asked the pupils a series of questions on a wide range of topics, from binary to bones, scientists to stars to the speed of light and even mind-boggling optical illusions, the children all enjoyed puzzling out the answers. After the quiz Mr Hester set them one further design challenge. Using just tape, scissors and index cards, pupils worked together to build a free-standing tower. The children all took different approaches, testing out structures and the towers began to grow. In just ten minutes many were reaching lofty heights, with the tallest finally measuring in at over 70cm. They all had fantastic fun.

Mr Hester commented, “STEAM subjects are essential for all our futures, we can’t even begin to imagine the changes that are going to happen to our world in these children’s lifetimes. Hopefully my session today will inspire them to engage in every STEAM related opportunity presented to them during the rest of their time at Crescent and when they move on to senior school.”

Well done to all the children, the final results were:

Best Quiz Score:

Thomas Edison:  Archie, Sam, Noah, Euan

Highest Tower:

Einstein: Josh, Henry, Ewan, George

Combined Scores Overall Winners:

Einstein: Josh, Henry, Ewan, George