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Crescent Takes Part In The Big Schools' Bird Watch

28 Jan

Pupils from Years 1 up to Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in the RSPB's Big Schools' Bird Watch. 

The school's new Ornithology club had already pre-prepared bird feeders and bird spotter sheets and a special camouflage net had been erected for the children to hide behind down by the Forest School area.

Yesterday and today, Mrs Johnson has taken the classes outside in turn to carry out the observations. Everyone started by getting to grips with binoculars, learning how to use them safely and focus them. The children then took turns spotting and recording the birds they could see. Plenty of different birds were seen ranging from robins to rooks and even common gulls. The children were all fascinated and excited, although at times they struggled to stay quiet! Everyone enjoyed taking part and even Mr Thackway popped out when he could to join in.

Mrs Johnson, explained, "The Birdwatch has given the children a wonderful opportunity to get outside, and experience and learn about the wildlife local to them. They recorded genuine scientific data that will contribute to a national citizen science project. It has been a fantastic educational activity.” 

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