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Pupils Empowered By Learning Mentoring Meetings

30 Sep

Once again, this year Crescent School is running its Learning Mentors initiative that supports the school’s emphasis on building self-regulation for the children.

On Friday 30 September the children had their first meeting with their mentors to agree their targets for the year. Staff discussed the children’s work with them, helped the children reflect on their books, feedback and comments and encouraged them to choose and agree the academic targets they want to work on this year. Together they then recorded the targets on a postcard, to help remind pupils and to allow them to share their targets with parents.

This powerful initiative gives responsibility for learning to the children, and all pupils from Year 1 up to Year 6 took part. Staff did not tell pupils what targets to choose, they chose themselves. The children were all excited by the opportunity and we know it will motivate their learning as they strive to achieve their own set goals. We look forward to reviewing the targets over the coming year.

Thank you to everyone for participating so enthusiastically and to our Year 6s for their sterling organisation of the day.

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