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Baarmy Bethlehem And The Baa Baa Boogie

08 Dec

For their traditional nativity, Reception and Year 1 performed Baarmy Bethlehem, a story about the ‘party sheep’ who love to ‘Baa Baa Boogie’!

Cheeky, Rascal and Scamp the sheep are real party animals! So, when they see Bethlehem filling up for Caesar’s census, they assume it’s for a big celebration and they do not want to miss out. They escape from the flock and make their way into town, but although they find lots of things they love, like noise and crowds of people, there can’t find any party.

As they continue their search, they come across the angels, the shepherds and the three kings and eventually, in a peaceful, quiet stable they find Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, the real reason why we celebrate.

After all their hard work rehearsing, learning the songs, and memorising lines, what a spectacle it proved to be. The children all sang and danced baa-utifully, and we hope you all enjoyed the performance.