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Year 2 Found Out All About The Great Fire Of London

26 Jan

Year 2 enjoyed an amazing, interactive, drama workshop on Wednesday 25 January, thanks to the Freshwater Theatre Company. 

The classes have been studying the ‘Great Fire of London’ learning about the key events and people involved. Workshop facilitator, Dawn Horne, used drama, role play and storytelling to help bring their history studies to life.

Washerwomen, Mary, took the children on a memorable and engaging trip back to the bakery on Pudding Lane, the source of the Great Fire. They discovered what life was like in Pudding Lane, how the fire started and events subsequently unfolded, how Samuel Pepys recorded the fire in his diary and how the people of London eventually put the fire out.

Year 2 teachers, Mrs Emery and Mr Webb, said, “The children were captivated, they clearly all enjoyed the session, and it was great reinforcement for their learning in class. Elliot made an excellent Samuel Pepys and Max was the spit of King Charles! It was a great way to consolidate our topic.”

Well done Year 2, you were all fantastic Great Fire of London explorers!


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