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New Green Team Are Championing Sustainability

23 Mar

Crescent School has a Green Team who are championing sustainability, and specifically about how we can improve energy savings and our recycling efforts.

So far, the Green team have had two meetings and they are now working on:

  • A small polite sticker to highlight when computers/lights are left on.
  • A new information poster for all the red recycling bins in school so that staff and pupils are educated about what can be recycled in school.
  • A poster to advertise the new pen recycling that is being introduced in school.
  • Planning an educational assembly on recycling for the Trinity Term.
  • An evaluation of what we do already in school and what we still need to do.

They have already proposed some changes to Mr Thackway, including joining the Big Battery Hunt and creating three House gardens for bees.

The team have made a great start, their enthusiasm and motivation are inspiring to us all.